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You work hard to create content and generate press coverage about your brand, product or service. Storylift allows you to effortlessly increase the number of people consuming your stories and we make sure they align perfectly with your strategic objectives using the most advanced content targeting possible.
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Reaching the Right Audience

Connect with and inspire future students to enroll in your school using Storylift's targeting technology. There is a broad, untouched market of candidates who could truly benefit from the curriculum and expertise your school has to offer. Storylift can help you improve candidate quality while reducing cost per enrollment.

Boosting Enrollments with Precision Targeting

Driving demand outside of traditional search models

Storylift EDU Targeting
Storylift helps drive enrollments by creating and distributing engaging content to the right audience.

We are the exclusive licensee for content campaigns and provide a unique targeting methodology with proven results.

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Delivering Aspirational Content for Better

Inspiring Opportunities
Storylift deploys our patented targeting technology to create and deliver exciting content to individuals who are not yet actively searching for education opportunities.

We help drive exclusive, incremental leads to our clients that result in lower costs per start and conversion rates than pay per lead channels.

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A Unique Approach
Storylift’s top-of-the-funnel approach reaches a relatively untouched market, introducing prospective students to the idea of going back to school and training for an exciting new career.

This results in unique, high-quality leads that deliver a higher rate of enrollment.

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Proven Experience
With over four years successfully working within the EDU sector, Storylift has helped some clients drive over 11% of their total enrollment volume through our patented attitudinal targeting technology.

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