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Trunk Club sees a dramatic drop in cost per lead month to month by targeting specific audiences.
Cost per lead at beginning of spend
Cost per lead five months later
Reaching more people is a goal for any company, but at Trunk Club it was a necessity to continued growth. The company had exhausted its primary market and needed to find more high-income men likely to use shopping services. In cooperation with market research firm LoudDoor, Storylift deployed targeted ad niches based off of custom survey data that revealed attitudinal behaviors of this target audience. Heavy clothing spenders, high income individuals, personal service shoppers, and people with high levels of education all became a part of the campaign to generate more interest in what Trunk Club had to offer.
Trunk Club solves a common problem for many men — the inconvenience and hassle of shopping in clothing stores or at online sites. With Trunk Club, men receive personalized monthly shipments of high-end clothes, shoes, and accessories tailored to their individual style profiles.
With ad copy and ad type iterations, along with tested niches throughout several months, Storylift’s targeting helped to greatly decrease Trunk Club’s cost per qualified lead. From $25.00 per lead in January to under $5.00 in June of the same year, lead costs dropped dramatically, raising the value of the ad campaigns.