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Editorial Guidelines


Storylift’s mission is to help people discover stories they want to read. We provide some of the world’s most advanced patent-pending targeting criteria to help lift stories to the right audience across a variety of major social networks and content discovery platforms. We ask that our clients help us maintain a positive user experience with all stories lifted on our platform by ensuring the stories match our editorial guidelines and are properly targeted to potential readers that are most likely to be interested.


I. General Guidelines

1. All stories promoted via Storylift must comply with all platform terms of use and advertising guidelines for all major social networks including, but not limited to: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and Tumblr.

2. All stories promoted on Storylift must be accurate and honest.


II. Prohibited Content

Storylift may not be used to promote the following types of content.
1. Adult Products
2. Illegal Drugs
3. Illegal Gambling
4. Get Rich Quick Schemes and Scam Business Models
5. Posts on Social Media Sites – For example a Tweet, a Pinterest Pin, etc.
6. Affiliate Links
7. Landing Pages without Open Graph Meta Tag support.
8. Class Action Lawsuits and Malpractice Claims
9. Personal Information Harvesting
10. Malware
11. Any previously banned content on any Social Media sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)


III. Content Requiring Prior Approval

The following types of content may by promoted on Storylift with prior approval.
1. Online Pharmacies
2. Prescription Drugs
3. Dating or Matchmaking Services
4. Tobacco Products
5. MLM Business Opportunities


IV. Good of the Ecosystem Provision

Maintaining user trust is imperative to Storylift and we reserve the right to disapprove any campaign that we feel does not support the overall health of the Storylift platform or the experience of it’s potential readers or advertisers.

All decisions involving editorial approval will be at the sole discretion of the Storylift content review team. If you feel we have made a mistake by not approving your content you may email us to appeal this decision however after an escalated review all decisions will be final.