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The Challenge

Recruiters, marketers, and enrollment specialists need to find quality candidates who are serious about enrolling in their programs.

But traditional marketing practices like pay-per-lead and pay-per-click can be expensive and only produce low conversion rates.

The Solution: Storylift

Our unique approach delivers quality vetted candidate leads at higher conversion rates than traditional services by targeting candidates who haven’t even started searching yet.

We do what most marketing vendors can’t: we can reach potential students before they’ve started searching to go back to schools.
We created a mix of algorithmic science and content deployment called Attitudinal Targeting. In terms of efficiency and quality, no one can touch it.
Our approach delivers higher converting leads and a lower cost-per-enrollment.
We help schools of all sizes across the US to find and inspire students to enroll in a wide variety of popular programs.

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Quality candidates are out there. We help you find them.

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Quality candidates are out there.
We help you find them.