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Kate is a funny, smart, and genuine 26-year-old bartender. In addition to her responsibilities at work, Kate also takes care of her younger cousin, Emma. She started a job as a waitress right after high school but never thought about going back to school for higher education. Since no one in Kate’s family or inner circle went to college, she didn’t necessarily see taking her studies to the next level as a way to make more money. The reality is she needed money more urgently than a degree. Who has time to go back to college for four years? Although she was proud of her job, deep down Kate had always aspired to explore a career beyond bartending.

One day, before her shift, Kate started reading a blog post about how younger generations are heavily influenced by the people raising and surrounding them. As she read the post, she couldn’t stop thinking of her young cousin Emma. Exploring a new career was about making more money but also about being able to provide for her cousin. Before reading the last paragraph of the blog, Kate came to a critical realization: she was a role model and a parental figure to her cousin.

In the following days, Kate researched and consumed more and more content about higher education. She started narrowing her search down to a career in nursing. She was already a great caretaker to Emma and had the physical ability to spend hours on her feet hustling around the restaurant at her current job. Yes! She had the brains, the determination, and the ability to be a great nurse!

Kate found herself checking out more nursing program-specific content. The engaging content led her excitedly and willingly down a path of learning and inspiration until she found the right nursing program at the right school! How did this happen so quickly and naturally?

Kate was targeted at the “top of the funnel” thanks to Storylift’s patented research-based targeting. Kate knew that she wanted to make a change, but she didn’t know where to turn or how to go about it. Storylift’s technology identified Kate as an ideal candidate for a nursing career based on her social media activity paired with other attitudinal and behavioral data. Using advanced analytical modeling, Storylift could determine the most relevant and compelling content to deliver to Kate so that she would take action to change her life!

By engaging potential students at the top of the funnel while they are still in the consideration stage of their career journey, Storylift is able to create a whole new channel of enrollment possibilities that candidates would not have previously considered. Powered by large amounts of precision data and a powerful analytics platform, Storylift can deliver high-quality candidates that translate into lower costs per enrollment for educational institutions. Additionally, Storylift’s approach does not compete with current market tactics by forcing your social efforts to bid against each other.

There are thousands of stories like Kate’s, and they are made possible by a unique technology called attitudinal targeting. You can learn more about it here.

— Caroline