The iconic Kool-Aid® brand has an established relationship with Mom; but as for the rest of the family, not so much. When it came time to launch a new tagline and unveil a new life-like CGI Kool-Aid Man, Kool-Aid® and its partner agency VSA Partners knew it not only needed engaging new content and experiences for mom, but it also needed an efficient way to engage with the “Kool-Aid® Mom” who is more likely to engage within her sphere of influence.

Right Content + Right Audience = Oh Yeah!

Kool-Aid® created a campaign designed to reach Moms across a series of apps, sites and other digital experiences. Having defined who the ideal audience was for their innovative content they turned to us to tell them where they were. We segmented an audience of over 19 million Kool-Aid® Moms for them to target with their campaign of “random acts of fun.” Measuring campaign success by the most important of metrics— Purchase Intent—VSA Partners estimated that the campaign outperformed the purchase intent lift norm by 547%!

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