Targeting a Tough Market: Insurance Buyers

Insurance consumers purchase auto and homeowners insurance in order to comply with state laws or lender requirements. Convincing these same clients to purchase life insurance from the same provider is difficult. However, people are more likely to consider life insurance at certain life stages, so the problem was slicing out current policy owners that would be likely to have an interest when presented with an offer to buy life insurance. Using their attitudes about life insurance products, Storylift targeted the Insurance client’s current automobile and home insurance policyholders who were most likely to either purchase a new life insurance policy or switch from an old one.

The Result

When tested beside the insurance provider’s current customer relationship management system, the Storylift targeted campaign was far more productive. Storylift’s targeting criteria generated 93% of the quote requests, drove 195% more actions and engagements on the advertising creatives, and reduced the cost per action by 60%.

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