It can feel like we’re living in apocalyptic times right now, as we turn on the television hoping to hear something positive about the future of the coronavirus in the United States and in the world. This global pandemic is wreaking havoc from coast to coast, shutting down major industries, while forcing schools and colleges to continue their classes over the internet.

It’s not something we saw coming, and it’s certainly not something we ever want to have happen again. However, during trying times like now, it’s essential that these troubled industries find ways to improvise on this new way of life. This includes educational institutions, the very bedrock of our society, stepping up to become a beacon of hope.

Schools have always represented an opportunity and a path to something better for everyone in our country. They’re a part of the American Dream. That’s why schools need to be compassionate and creative in how they interact with current and prospective students. Many students from around the world returned home to be with their families, while others may have considered dropping out in order to financially sustain this pandemic. Others, who have yet to enroll in an educational program, are losing hope for higher education, as they fear the financial strain could be too difficult to manage.

While this occurs, millions of adults are left wondering what they are going to do as their companies close down. A newer, more digital economy is emerging, which means that many are considering going back to school to learn new skills and gain knowledge in specialized areas that will make them more prepared and employable.

For this reason, education needs to remain constant, as students and potential candidates look for stability in their future.

The Future Starts with Information


There is no worse feeling than being stuck at home in quarantine with no job, no productive tasks, and no options to change your current situation. We want options and opportunities to overcome our current situation. There are online programs available to earn a degree virtually—and brick and mortar locations will soon re-open their doors. There is an opportunity right now to gain a higher education and move into a more stable career that will be conducive to the inevitable economic shifts. People don’t have to wait for the economy to upend a job right now; it’s possible to be proactive amid these hardships. 

For example, the medical industry needs more caregivers, and after the coronavirus, more all-around available individuals with a background in medical diagnosis and treatment. With fast-track medical courses and programs that are popping up at lightning speed, in just a fraction of the typical education time, the ability to change careers and get into the art of taking care of others is closer than many may realize. Where would we be without our healthcare workers who are so selflessly saving our communities each day?

Medical training programs are available to earn a degree from home. Every medical college or training program is developing an online teaching component to accommodate these changing times. 

And don’t forget about technology! The entire world is about to operate remotely, for the foreseeable future, which means individuals with a background in technology, computer science, coding, etc. will be in dire demand. Whether it’s virtual reality, augmented reality, the new 5G network, an education in technology will be infallible today. Now is the time to get out ahead of the economic turmoil.

Difficult times often create unforeseen opportunities whereby individuals can finally pivot and pursue the career they have been putting off for years. Whether an individual has recently become unemployed, is looking for a new job, or is ready to pursue their passion finally – even though the country is currently in limbo, opportunities are still available.

Financial Aid is Available

Many people are short on money right now. Shutting down industries is not an easy thing to weather. Financial aid options are available to those who qualify for many much-needed programs today. Letting prospective students know about the financial aid options that are still at their disposal can be the difference between hope and defeat. All of this can be done directly from the comfort of their home.

Take Classes Online

There are still things schools can be doing to convince those unsure about higher education in 2020 to commit to an education that will be with them for the rest of their lives. Post-secondary educational institutions need to be strategic in their outreach right now. You need to be understanding and compassionate while also hopeful and resourceful to people. Going online is the future, and you need to make sure your students understand with the internet and financial aid, they still have a future. It’s important to introduce the possibilities to those who have not yet thought about going back to school but could benefit significantly from a specialized degree. There are many people across our nation wondering what they are going to do next. How about introducing them to the opportunities that getting a degree could lead to, like a more stable career and a brighter future.

We might not have control over what is to come in the following months, however, we do have control over our education and our knowledge. The show must always go on, and schools can provide that foundation.