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The Aging Pay-Per-Lead Paradigm

By September 10, 2019February 22nd, 2024No Comments

The for-profit education sector in the U.S. enrolls almost 2.5 million students every year.

This diverse industry of educational institutions faces challenges while developing new recruiting campaigns to engage with the right students.

  • 2,800+ for-profit colleges
  • 4,000 additional not-for-profit institutions

Most schools rely heavily on paid search and third-party Pay-Per-Lead (PPL) services. With this methodology, 3rd-party vendors sell the same leads to multiple schools.



The classic lead generation model is inefficient and expensive, often delivering disappointing and lackluster candidate prospects.



Educational institutions often spend digital budget on multiple vendors for paid search and Pay-Per-Lead (PPL). In many cases, these vendors are all bidding on the same keywords and targeting the same markets, causing budget redundancy, overlap, and waste.


There’s a better way than PPL and it’s called:


This unique technology uses the most current data and analytics to understand potential enrollees’ aspirations and affinities to best target them at a higher point in the consideration funnel.


How does it work?
ATTITUDINAL TARGETING allows schools to create and deliver content that is relevant to people’s aspirations and affinities. This type of algorithmic approach allows schools to connect with prospective students at the very start of their quest for a career change. High probability data models identify prospective enrollees when they are in the right frame of mind to head down a new and rewarding career path. This means, candidates are targeted before they have even decided what new training or educational program to pursue, but with the right content, they are likely to make a commitment to an educational institution.


Unmatched Exclusivity

ATTITUDINAL TARGETING also delivers exclusive leads that are not shared with other vendors. Each educational organization owns its leads 100%.


Attitudinal Targeting is moving beyond traditional PPL and redefining the scope and accuracy of candidate prospecting. To learn more, click here.